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Dough Cutter

  • Description
  • Dough scraper-an underrated genius: more than just a bench scraper. It can also be cut into dough and made into pastry/pizza/spaghetti/bread and biscuits. Smooth the icing/cream on the cake, divide the butter into small pieces etc! 4-piece dough scraper, which can be used to cut various foods- you have always wanted this bench scraper, you just don't know it
  • High-quality stainless steel bench scraper: equipped with 430 stainless steel safety bevel blade specially designed for dough.With the clearly engraved "measurement conversion table", you can quickly reference and mark up to 6 inches at any time- Precise dough cutting and dispensing is easier than ever
  • Food-safe and flexible plastic dough scraper: The wide edge is bendable and slightly sharp, so you can easily cut the dough on the silicone baking mat.It is non-sticky and helps to remove or shape the dough from the bowl. You can easily remove the last bit of batter from each bowl without leaving any residue。 The Ergonomic Handle fits anyone's hand comfortably, and it is more slip resistant than a metal handle even when wet

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